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metalheaddolls's Journal

The Barbies of Metalheads
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All Members , Moderated
Hails! This Community is for all you MetalHead Females out there. It's a rating community, yes you heard right. We'll rate you on your metalhead-ness, and your looks.

Aereanna a.k.a. darkvampiress16

Tori a.k.a. metalheadbarbie

Accepted Members
1. Stay Active!!!
2. No Promoting other Communities in this Community!!!
3. You must listen to some kind of good metal, not emo!!!
4. Promote this community at least once a month, must post proof.
5. Don’t be rude to applying members, if you have something to say, try to be nice about it.
6. Do not be rude to other members.
7. Post everything behind a cut with “stamped” in subject line.
8. Try to vote on applications.

Applying Members
1. Must be 14 or older to join!!!
2. Please post your application behind an LJ cut.
3. BOLD the questions OR the answers in the application, it makes it easier to read. NO nude pictures!!!
4. Do not be rude to accepted members, you will be banned!!!
5. Do not post or vote until you have been stamped as accepted.
6. To prove that you have read the rules,we'll ask you for a "code" which is “Shout at the Devil!!!”.
7. Do NOT reply to every comment. If you get a one word comment, leave it at that. It's very annoying to get a "thank you" or whatever.
8. Both Mods have jobs and go to school, don't go posting comments in our personal journals or in this one if you haven't been stamped after a day or so, we do have lives outside LJ. It gets really annoying. We will get to it when we can.
9. Mods may occasionally accept someone that would have been rejected, so if the majority say rejected, a Mod may accept the person.


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Gender:
4. Location:
5. Status:

6. Bands (as least five):
7. Movies (at least three):
8. Color:
9. Food:
10. Animal:
11. Drink:
12. Clothing Store(s):
13. Television Shows:
14. Quote:
15. Numbers:
16. Cartoon Characters:
17. Car:

18. Abortion:
19. Gay Marriage:
20. Pre-Marital Sex:
21. Drugs:
22. Under-Aged Drinking:
23. Religion:

~Other Questions~
24. What are your goals in life?
25. Do you have any piercing or tattoos?
26. What the Code?
27. How would you explain yourself as person?
28. What is your biggest fear?
29. What is your most memorable moment?
30. Do you believe in yourself?
31. Do you believe mystic characters (i.e. unicorns, fairies, etc.)
32. What do you hate most in life?
33. What are your hobbies and interests?


Rejected Members
1. May reapply after 3 days of being rejected.
2. Your application must be different, don’t waste our time.
3. Don’t steal other people’s identity.


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