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it bleeds in me




1. Name: Tami
2. Age: 16
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Springfield Massachusetts
5. Status: Taken

6. Bands (as least five):
A Dozen Furies, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, All That Remains, Lamb Of God,Nine Inch Nails

Movies t least three): Requiem for a Dream, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Crow

8. Color: Blue or Red
9. Food: french fries
10. Animal: llama
11. Drink: orange juice
12. Clothing Store(s): Hot Topic and Torrid
13. Television Shows: Degrassi, Uranium, and South Park
14. Quote: "Son of a Bitch I'm going to break you."

15. Numbers: 13 and 7
16. Cartoon Characters: Gaz from Invader Zim and Angelica from the Rugrats
17. Car: Range Rovers

18. Abortion:
I am pro-choice. It's a womans choice whether she is ready for a baby or not. It's idiotic to stand outside a clinic with a sign and yell at poor women who are just trying to do whats best for them and the child.
19. Gay Marriage: I am pro-gay marriage. I think if you love someone you should be able to express it through marriage. Many of my friends are gay and they love no different from any straight person.
20. Pre-Marital Sex: If you believe you are ready...go for it! Just be safe and make sure it's with the right person.
21.Drugs: I've had my experiences with drugs. Nothing good came of it, but if someone does drugs I'm not going to look down on them. They are still human.
22.Under-Age Drinking: I love drinking. I think it's wicked fun. I am responsible with it though. I never let myself get out of control. If you are going to drink, don't over do it. that's all.

23. Religion: I went to a Catholic school for two years. I couldn't stand it. Some religions I don't mind. It's the ones that say "YOU MUST BE THIS WAY" that piss me off. I can't stand the people who try and run the world with their "God".

~Other Questions~
24. What are your goals in life?
I want to be the most famous groupie this world has ever known!
25. Do you have any piercing or tattoos?
My ears are 10G but I want to get my tongue done in the near future.

26. What the Code? Shout at the Devil!!!

27. How would you explain yourself as person? I'm really excepting and understanding. I'm not exactly nice to everyone but I don't judge people based on looks or what they are into.

28. What is your biggest fear? my biggest fear, yet my biggest obsession is death. It's just so sublime. I'm afraid of what is going to happen after I'm gone.

29. What is your most memorable moment? my most memorable moment had to be seeing Static-X perform at a local club. It was an amazing show.

30. Do you believe in yourself? At times...most of the time I don't. I'm a well-known failure. It's just something that is natural with me so normally I don't really believe I can do much.

31. Do you believe mystic characters (i.e. unicorns, fairies, etc.) I believe in fairies! this world is so big and there is so many uncharted areas...anything can exist!

32. What do you hate most in life? I hate how no one can just be themselves without being criticized. It's grade-A bullshit.
33. What are your hobbies and interests? I am a huge movie buff. I own almost 450 DVD's. Right now I am learning to play the drums. Hopefully I can get a band started and see where that gets me.




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i love everything about you
hee hee loved what you had to say! and about the groupie thing, i'm givin ya a run for your money!!! LOL
haha i'd be glad to share the spotlight with ya!
not too much into your bads but thats what you like
a plus for nightmare b4 christmas
your quote made me laugh
overall i did like your application
so i give your a Yes
I don't really like the bands, except for Lamb of God, which i love.
Groupie thing-funny.
you seem pretty cool =)

si senorita!
sure, why not?

i really didn't like your bands save for lamb of god and NIN, but i'm in a good mood and you're pretty and seem sweet.
i hated your bands... and i'm in a horrible mood soo you get to be my scape-goat.
apparently im one of the only people that agree with the bands you like
but i have one question
did you like nightmare before christmas before it was raped by hot topic?
i've liked Nightmare Before Christmas since I was a little girl. I definitly think Hot Topic needs to lighten up on the merchandise...it's getting ridiculous.