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1. Name:Rhiannon
2. Age:28 (old)
3. Gender:Female
4. Location:Rhode Island
5. Status:single

6. Bands (as least five):Slayer, Faith No More, Clutch, Soulfly, Black Label Society, Damageplan, Pantera, Type O Negative, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, Anthrax...
7. Movies (at least three):The Last Samurai, Anchorman, From Hell, Edward Scissorhands, King Arthur, Lord of The Rings, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, Xmen..
8. Color:Black, Red, Purple and Dark Blue
9. Food:Pizza, Pasta, Cheese,Salad
10. Animal: Cats and Dogs
11. Drink: Non Alcoholic-Water, Gingerale, Orange Juice and Grape Juice. Alcholoic-Tequila, Jager and Beer..
12. Clothing Store(s):Anyplace that will fit me. I'm 6ft tall so if i can find a place that has decent Jeans that dont shrink in the dryer, Im all about it..
13. Television Shows:CSI, The Surreal Life, Ground Force..
14. Quote:I dont have a favorite quote to be honest..
15. Numbers: I dont have any favorite numbers either..
16. Cartoon Characters:ha ha Vegeta from Dragonball Z...yah Im lame..
17. Car: 1965 mustang

18. Abortion:Fiercly Pro-Choice. I strongly belive that a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body. I don't agree with using it as a form of birth control or late term abortions..but I do think that if a woman feels she needs to either go that route or not that is her decision, not anyone elses..well besides the father of the child of course, if he is involved that is also his choice too.
19. Gay Marriage: Definaltey for it, I have many gay friends who are together and have been for a long time. I would love to see gay marriage become legal all across the country, but it will be a long up hill battle.
20. Pre-Marital Sex: I did it, but I was safe..as long as you aren't stupid about having sex (weather it be pre marital or not) you should be fine.
21. Drugs: Ive smoked marijuana many times in my day. so I cant preach to anyone.
22. Under-Aged Drinking:Ive done this too lol but I actually dont think its a smart idea, now anyway I dont think it is.
23. Religion: Im a practicing witch, and I love my religion..I don't think people should force their beliefs down everyones throats I hate that. If you have a faith awesome if not...more power to ya! as long as you are happy thats all that matters.

~Other Questions~
24. What are your goals in life?> To get my business off the ground 100%
25. Do you have any piercing or tattoos? I have about 40% body covereage tattoo wise. I do them, and have been tattooing for 9 years. I have my septum pierced and a four point industrial in my left ear.
26. What the Code?Shout at the Devil!!!
27. How would you explain yourself as person? Basically Im a very easy going person, Ill do anything for those that I love, anyone can talk to me...Im really not that much of a bitch lol Im a smart ass and I will tell you to fuck off if you piss me off enough.
28. What is your biggest fear? Dieing a horrible death.
29. What is your most memorable moment? I have a lot of those lol One that I can think of now is, the day my best friend told me she was pregnant, i know this may sound corny or what have you, but she is the closest thing to a sister to me, and has had many problems in past pregnancies, so for her to get pregnant again and go full term (shes due feb 23rd) is so awesome
30. Do you believe in yourself? Yes I do
31. Do you believe mystic characters (i.e. unicorns, fairies, etc.) No, but i love anything with fairies
32. What do you hate most in life? Hypocrites, liars, fakes, posers, backstabbers, drama queens, un necessary drama, racism, and people who thump their bibles.
33. What are your hobbies and interests?> Drawing, painting, loving my dog and cats, Paganism, sleeping, tattooing, getting tattooed, dancing, going out with my close friends, walking, camping, swimming....

Ok so here are some pics

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