Satya Hendrix (fuckyou) wrote in metalheaddolls,
Satya Hendrix


1. Name: Amanda, but my friends call me Hendrix
2. Age: 20's
3. Gender:Femme Fatal
4. Location:Big Stone(d) Gap, Va
5. Status:Engaged

6. Bands (as least five):Slayer, Motley Cru, Ozzy, Black Label Society, Guns N Roses, and Drain Sth...
7. Movies (at least three):Rocky Horror, Strangeland, Dawn of The Dead (orginal)
8. Color:Black/Hot Pink/Silver
9. Food:Nice juicy medium rare steak/ or some good ol chicken
10. Animal:Panda's i.e.of the rock kind
11. Drink:Jim Beam straight and Cherry Pepsi
12. Clothing Store(s):Family Dollar... because I'm a cheap ass
13. Television Shows:I used to like AMP with Mr. Pinfield, now mainly South Park, and that Battle for Ozzfest
14. Quote:"I am the one who has to die when it's time to die, so let me live my life the way I want to."-Jimi Hendrix
15. Numbers:Ate
16. Cartoon Characters:Cartman, Inuyasha,
17. Car:Turbo Interceptor from the movie, The Wraith

18. Abortion:I am pro-choice, but on a personal level, I wouldn't do it especially if I was all about spreading my legs and not using protection, thats on me and I should take responsibility...
19. Gay Marriage:Love is blind, or so they say, so that should include it all, more than age, looks, and race...
20. Pre-Marital Sex:I'm not a religious person, so its not morally wrong in my book, but those who wait, it think its sweet.
21. Drugs: To each his own. I been there and it did me more bad then good, so from experience, its bad... but hey whatever
22. Under-Aged Drinking: Yeah I've done that too, don't drink and drive, or put anyone in harm, and I could give a shit and 2 giggles, thats all you.
23. Religion:I'll be honest, I hate organized religion. I was satanic most of my life, but had an epiphany, and am Deist now. Its nice to have something to believe, but all god's are created equal by man, so don't judge other people as long as they are a good person, why fight

~Other Questions~
24. What are your goals in life? I just want to be happy, and enjoy whatever career I'll have, and continue being with my finance'... I don't need to be rich... I would like to travel though...visit Hendrix's grave, meet some island natives in Australia and hunt for crocs
25. Do you have any piercing or tattoos?No, because I am poor. LoL I've been trying to save up to get 'Forever' in Old Englsih on my back, but another bill pops up...
26. What the Code?Shout at the devil!
27. How would you explain yourself as person?I try to be a good person. I help everyone. I'm kind of goofy, romantic, cheesey at times. I'm lazy, I sleep all day, but when I'm at work, I do my job, better than I have to...I'm tough emotionally... I don't cry or whine a lot, I have a fucked up sense of humor. Example? Yeah I made this huge joke about 'penis feeding' You might now wanna ask, but hey feel free to... its fucktarded though
28. What is your biggest fear?The anticipation of death is far worse than death itself... by that I mean, I just don't think aboutshit like that
29. What is your most memorable moment? December 23rd 2004, when Matt got down on his knee and asked me to marry him... and everything prior, is just tiny compared to that
30. Do you believe in yourself?Who else would, if I didn't?
31. Do you believe mystic characters (i.e. unicorns, fairies, etc.)No, but they are fun to draw
32. What do you hate most in life? Bills, sunlight, and hangovers
33. What are your hobbies and interests? Music, writing lyrics for my brother's band, drawing, dressing up in all black and hiding in the bushes with a water gun and shooting random late night joggers.


I'm the girl, and the guy is my lead guitar playing, sexy, 6in shorter then me, hardcore metal, finance'...Matt

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